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     The Monroe County Sheriffs Office  - Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SRT) is a tactical unit with the assignment of carrying out high risk responsibilities

     The SRT completes a twice-monthly training program where all aspects of tactical responses are prepared for.  The topics trained and achieved include; hostage situations, barricaded persons, high risk drug warrants, high risk arrest warrants, search and rescue, surveillance operations, terrorists threats and attacks, threatened suicide intervention, personal security and waterborn operations such as SCUBA diving.

     Through the formation and training regiments of the SERT each operator has achieved a level of training with specific tools and tactics to combat numerous incidents within Monroe County. 

     This operational unit has provided Monroe County Sheriff's Office & citizens a tool that can safely negotiate and address a rapidly evolving situation with a level of safety that Monroe County has not previously been afforded.

     Once an operator is approved for team functions they will receive on-going training, which is over 200 hours yearly for each team member.  This training covers all aspects of team functions, including firearms, building and room entry, special tools, distraction devices, less-lethal options, tactical vehicle operations and other aspects.

     SERT also has a two-man element that is tasked with counter-sniper operations and providing scout capable over-watch to team elements and operations.  These highly trained marksmen have duties that provide long distance scouting options that can provide team and command staff information to an incident without putting any person in immediate harms way.

     In addition, SERT also has a four-man dive team that specializes in underwater search and recovery missions involving, locating drowning victims, diving accidents, submerged vehicles, evidence and other property.

     The Dive Team is responsible for investigating underwater crime scenes to include scene evaluation, search, recovery of evidence, and for proper documentation for court presentation.

     With these tasks SERT teams stand ready for incidents that may arise  inside Monroe County and providing a level of safety to citizens and law enforcement at a professional and expert level.





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