The Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Victim Services at the CARE Cottage


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services Unit is a combination child advocacy center and victim/witness program. The Sheriff's Office recognizes the importance for effective assistance to innocent victims in our county and in an effort to provide these core-level victims services, the Victim Services Cottage opened their doors in 1991. 

The Victim Services Cottage is designed to be a temporary, non-threatening, friendly environment so all victims, especially children, can feel safe during the interview process. The Cottage also helps Victims to stay informed at the center of the criminal justice process.  

Grants, 5% fine money, and private donations fund the services of the Victim Services Cottage. Our agency is state and nationally accredited through the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia (CACGA) and the National Children’s Alliance (NCA), respectively.

The Victim Services Cottage staff includes:

~ Jan Humphrey, Director

 ~ Sherry Oneal, Victims Services Coordinator

~ Heidi Farmer, Family Advocate

~ Debbie Chambers, MA NCC LPC Therapist

~ Grace, our therapy dog, and

~ Marilynne Fitts, MCSO Investigator.




In 2017, the C.A.R.E. Cottage provided 3300 services to over 1,000 victims, 71 one those being the result of Domestic Violence and 45 of Child Abuse.  As of late 2018, services have been provided for 70 victims of Domestic Violence and 55 of Child Abuse.

In an effort to help our victims heal from this abuse, the Victim Services Cottage has secured funds through a grant that provides counseling and therapy sessions at no cost to the victim. 

To contact the Victim Services Cottage, please call 478-994-7287

Group Counseling Services