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Is your comment a commendation or complaint?

Please provide us with some information about yourself so that we may better serve you. 

Commending a Deputy

Any person who wishes to commend a Deputy or employee of the Sheriff's Office may do so by filling out our online form, contacting the Sheriff, any of our Captains, or Lt. Michael Clay. Please provide as much information as possible about the Deputy as well as the reason he or she should be commended. In addition, please provide your contact information in order to contact you if necessary (all information will be kept confidential). 

The Complaint Process

The Sheriff's Office provides thorough, impartial investigations of all allegations of employee misconduct or violation(s) and imposes appropriate disciplinary action(s) which are in accordance to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Policies & Procedures.  

Every complaint, regardless of its nature, is appropriately investigated. Complaints of minor violations may be assigned to members of the employee's chain of command for investigation. 

If you have any questions regarding the Complaint Process, please contact our Internal Affairs Investigator, 

Lt. Michael Clay at (478)994-7048 or

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