Ben Cook


Detention Services

Ben Cook started his career at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in 1987 as a detention deputy. He later transferred to the radio room as a dispatcher, Uniform Patrol Division as a Deputy Sheriff, and then to Criminal Investigations Division. While in the Criminal Investigations Division, Cook was promoted to Captain. Captain Cook is a graduate of the "Command College" at Columbus State University and now serves as the Captain of the Detention Services.

Gwen Maddox


Detention Services

Lisa Anderson


Detention Services

     The function of the Detention division of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office is to receive, and process people that are taken into custody by various law enforcement agencies

 within Monroe County. Once a person has been turned over to the jail, they are either given an opportunity to post a bond and be released pending a court hearing or held until the courts dispose of their case. Once a person is convicted and sentenced to either county time or state time, they are held until their sentence is served in accordance to law or transferred into a state facility.

MCSO Jail currently has the ability to house 168 inmates    while at full capacity and additionally have a nationally accredited medical facility for inmates if needed.

     Currently there are 34 certified detention deputies who handle the day to day operations for this facility such as intake and booking operations, prisoner transports and pickups and other duties which they are assigned.