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Captain Jarrad Duncan

Field Operations

Jarrad joined the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in 1998 as a Jail Officer and graduated Basic Mandate in 1999. He was transferred to Field Operations in 2000 where he was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 2003. In 2013 Jarrad was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division as a General Investigator. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2016 and was transferred to the Field Operations. Jarrad was promoted to Lieutenant in 2018. Jarrad served as the Criminal Investigations Lieutenant until 2021 when he was promoted to Captain of Field Operations.

Capt. Duncan oversees all Field Operations.  

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Lieutenant Todd Haskins

Field Operations

Todd joined the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in  1998 where he was hired as a communications officer. He graduated mandate later that year.  Upon completing mandate Todd worked in the jail until he was assigned to the Patrol Division in October 1999. Todd was promoted to Corporal in June 2001 and then Sergeant in 2007. He served 11 years total as Sergeant in the Patrol Division and was promoted to Lieutenant in July 2021. 

The Field Operations Division is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the

residents of Monroe County. There are approximately 35 deputies assigned to the

Field Operations Division, which is divided into three zones.

The deputies patrol the larger portion of nearly 400 square miles of land that make up

Monroe County and serve a population of approximately 26,000.

Deputy Sheriffs work an assigned shift, patrolling an assigned zone, performing law enforcement duties. Their primary task is the enforcement of state and county laws and the protection

of life and property, but other duties include making arrests, traffic enforcement, executing

warrants, and conducting preliminary criminal investigations.

As with all components of the Sheriff's Office, the Field Operations Division works to meet a high standard of professional service for the residents of Monroe County.

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