The Criminal Investigations Division of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office is comprised of

(5) five investigators whose primary assigned cases are crimes against person,

property, auto, financial  & identity theft and (1) investigator whose primary

responsibility is evidence collection and crime scene investigations.

     There are (5) five additional investigators who are assigned to narcotic investigations and

other vice crimes such as prostitution, gambling and alcohol.


Ricky Davis joined Monroe County Sheriff's Office in 1996 as a Dispatch Radio Operator and later that year, graduated from Basic Mandate. Once he became a Deputy Sheriff, Ricky worked in the Jail Division. He was then transferred to the Patrol Division in 1998 and promoted to Sergeant. In 2013, Ricky was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division as a Narcotics Officer and served there until his promotion of Lieutenant in 2015. As a Lieutenant, Ricky worked in the Jail Division from 2015-2017 and the Patrol Division from 2017-2018. In 2018, Ricky was promoted to Captain of the Jail Division and then transferred to Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division in 2019.  

Eric M. Davis


Investigations Division


Stacey Penamon


Investigations Division


Jarrad Duncan


Investigations Division


Rosie Kuntz


Investigations Division


Evidence and Property Technician

Inv. Adam Blanks

Sex Offender Liaison

Inv. Christopher Lander

Narcotics Investigations


     The primary function of this unit is the reduction of illegal narcotics being brought into the community, reduce the number of drug dealers and the demand for their product, as well as drug-related crimes through the collection of intelligence, surveillance, seizures, arrest and interaction with other related agencies.

     It is staffed with four seasoned investigators from Monroe County Sheriff's Office and one investigator from the City of Forsyth Police Department and is commanded by a Lieutenant.